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Here are some examples of projects on their current roster:

Globavore title

Fast food kills the art of cooking, homogenizes our diet and makes us forget how to prepare grandma’s Globavoreback home recipes—but not if The Globavore can help it! Sarah Elton, author of the national bestseller Locavore, food columnist for CBC Radio, avid cyclist and slow food champion, travels the globe without leaving Canada to reveal the true masters of slow food! They are the Unchefs, the people who cook in their homes and in commercial kitchens, mom and pop food shops, temples and churches, keeping alive traditional recipes and creating lip-smacking magic from scratch—even if it means plucking the chickens! 


Watch the Video: Globavore (Low-Res)

Conflicted Samaritan

Dr. Mike Landry has worked and lived in countries ravaged by war and natural disaster Dr. Mike Landryincluding Bosnia, Kosovo, Guatemala, post-tsunami Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Ethiopia. In Haiti, Landry reaches his breaking point. Is it right to save lives but condemn them to a living hell? By suggesting there may be times when the injured should be left to die, Mike Landry, a physical therapist and university professor ignites a profound debate about playing God in the world of humanitarian aid. Is Dr. Landry a Good Samaritan or not? He’s not so sure. What would you do if faced with the extreme circumstances of post-earthquake Haiti, post-tsunami Sri Lanka or Kosovo, post ethnic cleansing?

Watch the Video: The Conflicted Samaritan (Low-Res)


Little India title

This dramedy revolves around the exploits and escapades of a zany Indo-Canadian family, the Pillays, who run a (sometimes) busy restaurant in the heart of Toronto’s bustling “Little India”. The restaurant is a hubbub of activity - not because they serve delicious spicy Indian fare, (which they do) but because their daughter, a former “Miss Indo Canada”, provides impeccable matrimonial services, their son, a neurotic homebody, makes them laugh their turbans off, their aunt offers guaranteed astrological readings and their father may have a cure for baldness. Word on the street is that if you enter their establishment bald, single and depressed you’ll come out laughing, engaged, and sporting a full head of hair.


When Gods Dance Title

Gods DanceA riotous rickshaw ride through crowded streets of contemporary India where the spiritual and the profane mix seamlessly breathing new life into ancient classical art-forms of dance and music. Shot on locations in India and abroad, When Gods Dance is an engaging and entertaining film of South Asian music and dance with spiritual origins. These art forms, rooted in devotional worship, continue to flourish in the South Asian Diaspora. Through the use of stylized storytelling techniques set against temple and cityscapes, contemporary artists bring alive ancient stories to reveal a world where the old and new continually co-exist. When Gods Dance explores this partnership from inside and outside the temple gates.

Watch the Video: When Gods Dance (Low-Res)


Mashala Title

MashalaShot on location in Barcelona, Spain, this film depicts the music of MASHALÁ, a superb collection of world music players with Ellen Gould Ventura at its helm. All immigrants, this "band nation" forms a veritable stew of cultures, faiths and languages to play - Jewish music! Barcelonan street life, its glorious architecture and colourful denizens are interwoven with the band's rehearsals, live concerts and backstage antics. As Ellen struggles with her "newly minted" Jewishness, she discovers that music is her muse, a revelation that allows her to resuscitate an almost forgotten musical form and her own spirituality.

Watch the Video: MASHALÁ (Low-Res)


Painted Nation Title

Painted NationFor decades, garishly hand-painted billboards have been a ubiquitous feature of India’s urban landscape, advertising everything from hair products to Bollywood hits. Shot entirely in India, PAINTED NATION races against time to reveal an art-form on the brink of extinction. We meet "India's Andy Warhols" and their hand-painted Bollywood posters, trucks and street art. As they lose their livelihood to computers, India appears caught in the throes of globalization, on the cusp of remarkable change.





Film Club Title

Film ClubThe time... the early '70s - Trudeau, multiculturalism, and a wave of migration into Canada's cities. The setting... a classroom in downtown Toronto. The characters... a klatch of immigrant kids, striking an uneasy balance between two worlds. One sneakered foot still touching the old country and the other beating the streets of a North American metropolis. More than 25 years later, Cyrus renews contact with his former club members and the teacher who brought them together.  He weaves their stories into a multi-layered reflection on the immigrant experience, the power of art, and the surprising drama concealed within apparently ordinary lives. Film Club was the winner of the NFB's Reel Diversity Ontario Competition, and a Gemini Award.



Jews of India Title

Jews of India 1

This colorful film about the Jews of India brings to life a remarkable history dating back two millennia. The filmmaker travels to the fascinating subcontinent of India where the remaining Jews have made their homes, to Bombay, Cochin, Thane, Manipur and Mizoram. There she finds those Jews studying the Talmud, adhering to religious custom, wearing yarmulkah. In many ways, they seem even more observant than Western Jews. They are a minuscule minority living within a vast, varied and densely populated nation. Co-existing in an environment of tolerance and pluralism for more than 2 millennia free from anti-Semitism or discrimination. But today the survival of India’s Jews is threatened.